Aylesford Parish Council

To find out about Aylesford's Flood Plan, please click on the link below
Aylesford's Flood Plan Revised Version - October 2018
On Thursday 27 June your Parish Councillors and Flood Wardens will be out in the village testing your Community Flood Plan and talking to you about preparing for flooding. They will be supported by the Environment Agency, Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Flood Wardens are essential to help the Parish Council co-ordinate the flood plan. Kent Fire and Rescue will stand in as flood wardens for this test but in the future Aylesford needs its own wardens - could you be one?
Training takes just two hours to complete on an evening or weekend and flood wardens meet a few times a year to test their flood plan. You will provide a vital link between your local community and the emergency responders and you'll get a comprehensive handbook, access to a whole host of resources and support from fellow flood wardens.
To find out more please email mel@aylesfordparishcouncil.org.uk or visit the Kent Prepared website www.kentprepared.org.uk/