Aylesford Parish Council

Who we are
Aylesford is a large parish in the Kent M2/M20 corridor. It includes Aylesford, Eccles, Blue Bell Hill Village, parts of Walderslade, Kits Coty and Pratling Street.
Our responsibilities include: promoting the interests of the parish at all levels; providing and promoting recreational facilities; grant aid to village halls and voluntary organisations; commenting on planning policies and applications.
Whilst Parish Council policy is increasingly focused on facilitating services, some services are provided directly by the Council. These include: some 200 street lights; two car parks; Aylesford Cemetery; allotments at Aylesford and Eccles; and recreation grounds with their play equipment.
Dog Poisoning "The Council has become aware that a number of dogs have been poisoned in the vicinity of Taddington Wood, Podkin Wood, Roundwood and Walderslade Valley. It is believed that the poison has been put down for the foxes therefore it is recommended that if at all possible you keep your dog on its lead when in these areas. If you think your dog has been poisoned it is important that you ring the Police on 101 to report it as it is possible that this could be a crime. You should get evidence of your dog being poisoned from your vet but we cannot stress enough how important it is that you report it to 101"  
155 Evening Bus -  The service will continue as it usually does, to the same timetable for the moment. 155 Evening Timetable

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